Fixing ubuntu(10.04) Password Keyring

Published on by Fahim

Enter default keyring to unlock on login:

A) Using ubuntu(10.04) which i think that the GUI freatures of that "Passwords and Encryption keys" things must have changed in this release. by the way now  i am getting this pop up screen any time i reboot / restart.


 Do the following to remove the Keyring in a more simple fashion.

1).Click application > Accessories > Password and Encryption Keys.

2). The should be entries there listening an array of keyring "Password". 

3). login item:: in the pop-up menu there should be an item called " change password" 

4) Enter the old password if you have one then leave the new password blank. 

(!! similar method )

B) (" For this you need to set the keyring passsword to a null. Try this Application- Accessories -Password and Encryption keys. RIght click on the high lighted line " passwords: login" Click the " change password". Then set the new password to a blank (null ") After restart pc.

c) After you restart and login, you will probably be asked to enter your wireless network WPA/WEP encryption key. After you type in password. the keyring manager will appear to let you know that ir would like to hangle the storage of that password. The box look like this:


instead of writing any thing leave the both boxes comletely empty and click create 

New box will appear.


Go ahead and click use unsage storage,

For verify restart again.  





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