How to install Win XP Using Bootable Usb Stick

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How to install Win XP Using Bootable Usb Stick:

If Somebody say hey i donot have Cd-ROM, and how i can install Operating system.. but the Solution is simple describe below.
From these guide line steps tells, How to make a Multiboot USB-Stick, as boot option for 
 MS-DOS, TXT-mode Setup Windows XP.
The USB_Multiboot.cmd Batch Program can now be used for making such Multiboot USB-Drive instead of the Manual procedure .The Attachment gives file,the USB_MultiBoot.cmd program can be used for making
MultiBoot USB-Drive for Install of Windows XP with Extra Boot Options for System Recovery with Ghost.

A. Boot Test: Making Bootable USB-stick or USB-Harddisk,  First Test if your PC is Booting from USB-stick:

Step 1:

Use  2GB USB-stick with High Read/Write Speed (e.g. Apacer HT203 )

Step 2:
Download Program - 
 use USB_Multiboot.cmd Batch Program.

Step 3
Format USB-stick with PeToUSB.exe
Use PeToUSB.exe with Settings: Enable Disk Format with LBA FAT16X.

Step 4:
Copy XP BootFiles from your XP C-drive to USB-stick.

Step 5:
Reboot your PC with USB-stick plugged in and Enter BIOS Setup by pressing [Delete] or F2
and change Boot settings more permanent so that Harddisk is used as first Boot device type
and USB-Drive is seen as first Harddisk. Save BIOS Settings with F10.

Restart your pc and Run your installation Menu.


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